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Catarinap2019 about 6 hours ago

Mac & Cheese Bites

Hands down the best Mac and Cheese bites on this planet!! The crunch and creaminess of the bites go hand in hand. It's a party in your mouth! If you're a sauce lover, don't forget to dunk your bite into the buffalo sauce that comes with the meal. It'll be the best decision you ever made!! Don't miss out!

Angiepiro7 2 days ago

Twisted Sister Nachos - Dine in Only

Love these! Such a great combo and is good every time

Matt 4 days ago

Southwest Jalapeño

Try this dry rub on an order of fries! You'll thank me later. 😍

Ugrumpy23 4 days ago

Boneless our Thursday

No matter what day of the week or time a day or night whether if we eat in or take out we always love the food and wait staff. We love boneheads!!!!

Magda 5 days ago

Wing Tour Wednesday

The wings are always great here. The sauces are amazing and always delicious. The fries are nice and crispy too. Always recommend!

Kimmariepforbes 10 days ago


My favorite wing place. I can handle any spice from any restaurant, but Hell's Bells did me in. My favorite is Hot for Teacher. Great place, Great Wings, Great time.

Methebomb40 11 days ago

Country Roads

Boneheads is the bomb!!! love the wings and atmosphere of this place. the country roads boneless wings are my all time favorite.

Gianamico98 16 days ago

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo soldier sauce is out of this world. Perfect mix of buffalo and blue cheese. If you like blue cheese on your wings like a true wing fan, this is the sauce to try.

Jaredjones1134 17 days ago

BBQ Chicken Nachos - Dine in Only

The best nachos hands down and will be going back for more. I was told they had good food but now that i know how good, will be going back often.

Emily 19 days ago

Every Breath You Take

I have tried bone-in and out wings and The Pretenders, the fried banana peppers and the Robert Plant. Definitely nothing to kid about, these flavors are hardcore. I tried Mr. Roboto, Every Breath You Take, Mama Said Knock You out, Just A Girl, Hot For Teacher, Redemption Song and so many more. I made a pledge to try a different sauce every time. I go every week for chicken wings and salt/vinegar fries. Next sauce on my list is One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. My favourite place to eat so far, and that's coming from a Canadian. I can't even get started on the draft beer :)

Seamusirish88 22 days ago

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

This is literally one of the best sauces out there! This place can do no wrong!

Photokate719 23 days ago

Pour Some Sugar On Me

BoneHeads is one of our Favorite Places to go for Wings! However they have many other amazing meals! We have never had a bad meal here! We usually get the Pour Some Sugar on Me sauce because it's a family favorite, however when me and my husband want a us night we usually pick from the many other flavors! (They are all amazing)

Christophernin 24 days ago

Eye of the Tiger

Wings were amazing. Best I've had in New England. Honestly. I consider myself a wing connoisseur too. 😂 keep it up. I'll keep coming back. From NC

Nikita3217 26 days ago

Twisted Sister Nachos - Dine in Only

OMG so delicious

Tlkron66 29 days ago

Message in a Bottle

The ultimate wing sauce in my opinion, it has been and always will be one of my go-to sauce choices. The sweet and heat combo is an absolute must have!

Carey 29 days ago

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

Best wings I've ever had hands down! We eat here at least once a week!

Tylersantos200 about 1 month ago

Mosh Pits

Everything is so go the boneboard is crazy but the mosh pits are a must!

Breanarego about 1 month ago

Hot For Teacher

My favorite wing choice by far! They never disappoint and are always delicious, plus they pair well with blue cheese and beer.

Qmaloney26 1 day ago

Buffalo Chicken Nachos - Dine in Only

If I could have these anchors every day I so could!! Loved everything from boneheaded so far the sauces are addicting❤️❤️

Ericax1208 4 days ago

Shout At The Devil

WOW. First of all, what an experience. Our server was lovely and I'm so sorry I can't remember her name. My boyfriend, who hails from Texas, survives on a diet of wings, nachos, burgers, and pizza. He has a very high opinion when it comes to wings and Boneheads far surpassed it. We started out with the Buffalo Chicken Nachos and they were fantastic. We followed that up with an order of the Mac and Cheese Bites and the Shout At The Devil wings. After four glasses of Pepsi to wash down the heat, my boyfriend declared Boneheads as his new favorite restaurant in the the New England area. 10/10 would recommend.

Matt 4 days ago

Return of the Mack

I've tried so many sauces, my favorite will always hands down be the Melt with you, always get it with a side of hot buffalo to dip them in. So I thought, hey they combined the two, this should be good. It was alright, I'll stick to the melt with you and a side of buffalo.

Brian 5 days ago

Cowboys From Hell

Had this for the first time last night. It's my new favorite.

Gnb96 6 days ago


Typically not a fan of anything with buffalo, but this is my absolute favorite sauce!!

Anika 11 days ago

Pulled Pork Nachos - Dine in Only

These are the best nachos I have ever had. Me and my boyfriend got them as an appetizer before our wings and it was huge and we got the smallest size option. We ate a bunch in the restaurant but still had a lot more to bring home. Definitely a recommendation to try.

Maddieruggieri 11 days ago

BBQ Chicken Nachos - Dine in Only

their nachos are absolutely delicious. they have endless sauces and cocktails it really is delicious. the bbq chicken nachos are to die for!!

Gomes12486 17 days ago

Twisted Sister Nachos - Dine in Only

Soooooo Good!! It's like having the best of both worlds on nachos. Great portion size too and delish!

Cole5573 18 days ago

Willie Nelson

I basically lived here since they opened,Tried just about everything on there menu but this is hands down one of my favorites great tasting burger and onions carmelized perfectly.

Cdcrack84 21 days ago

Chicken & Waffles

I've been a customer for a few years now and I haven't been disappointed yet, the chicken and waffles are delicious, The dropkick Murphy's burger and the Freddie Mercury are a couple of favorites. I usually get boneless wings and fries and go with hot for teacher or shout at the devil sauces!!

Michaela 23 days ago


When bone heads first opened we lived in west Warwick, now years later my sons first choice for take out is always Bone Heads. He started as just a girl then welcome to the jungle. Now he's at hard to handle. He always brings his friends to try the hottest wings and drink milk! You will always have a fan in our house. I myself have tried almost every sauce! Still missing the pineapple habenero!

Ryanconnell 23 days ago

Blister In The Sun

If you have a hankering for chicken wings and happen to be in the south coast area of Massachusetts, you don't have to look any further than Boneheads to get your wing fix. Actually, everything on their menu is fantastic, not just the wings. Every time I go, I have a hard time not getting the Blister in the Sun sauce. It has the perfect heat for me (and trust the chile peppers on the menu denoting the heat of the sauce. THEY ARE NOT LYING.) If you love the heat of a spicy buffalo and the tang of mustard, this is the sauce for you. You'll be simultaneously sweating and praising the inventor of this perfect flavor. Trust me. Do the right thing and try Blister in the Sun.

Brian 25 days ago

Turning Japanese

My favorite sauce hands down. Get this every time I go, and have yet to be disappointed!

Kblackburn04 29 days ago

Double Order Boneless (14pcs)

Amazing food! Great quality and unbeatable flavors

Kickbox247 29 days ago

Eye of the Tiger

Want to really turn up the heat? Hells bells is where its at! Eye of the tiger though is my favorite perfect amout of heat with the balsamic drizzle!!! 👌

Beth 29 days ago

Smells Like Teen Spirit

My fav sauce and a must try! Wings are always crispy and the nachos are amazing!! Check them out on Wednesdays for the wing tour where you can try 5 different sauces.

Breanarego about 1 month ago

Eye of the Tiger

Always perfect! Plus drinks are always on point

Mstatianajohnson about 1 month ago

Half-Tray Bone-In (25pcs)

Omg for the first time to Boneheads 🦴 we were ASTONISHED! It was my sister and her two children 3 and 7 that I took out one night. It was a rainy night and my sister just got off of work to pick up her kids from me (I babysit for her alongside my other 4 boys) and we were hungry. We googled where to go different because we were tired of the same Ol Applebee's, The 99 and definitely not any fast food! As I scrolled down I seen a place I've never before called Boneheads we said what time do they close we are on our way. It was well worth the 45 min wait because they were setting up for a live band with a all you can eat buffet. So we waited by the bar until a booth in the restaurant section was available and sat. When we browsed the menu we seen the extensive selection of chicken and went crazy 😜! I swear I counted over 40 types of runs and sauces for chicken and the kids meals were cool too! We brought some home because for the money you get a lot but everything was perfect even the hospitality from our host and waitress! I want to go back tonight as a date night and definitely bringing my four kids one day! I am about to do Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor reviews. Thanks for being a part of Fall Rivers food culture! 🙏🏽


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